Could You Use Financial Assistance after a Workplace Injury?

    When you’re hurt at work in Louisiana, the workers’ compensation system is there to make sure your physical injury doesn’t trigger financial disaster.

    Benefits provide lost wages and medical coverage for the treatment you need to heal. They can help you hold on to the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to earn.

    But you might wonder: Does my work injury count?

    The answer is probably yes.

    As long as your injury happened at work, you qualify for workers’ comp.

    It could be any kind of injury. It could be any part of your body. It could be a severe injury that forces you off work. Or it could be a smaller injury.

    And workers’ comp is not like a personal injury car accident case. You don’t have to show anyone was at fault.

    The lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, have a combined 130 years of experience with workers’ comp claims. They’ll know what to do about your injury.

    In Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—anywhere in Louisiana—if you’re hurt at work, talk to us.

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    Common Work Injuries We See

    The good news is that Louisiana has fewer work injuries than the national average, according to 2018 numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    Of course, workers in Louisiana still get hurt every year. Workplaces reporting the highest number of injuries included health care and hospitals, utilities, public safety, local government, couriers, retailers and building material suppliers.

    At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, these are some of the injuries we see all the time:

    Injuries at work often come from lifting heavy objects, slipping and falling or getting caught in equipment. Injuries can also include burning, scarring (even from surgery), lost teeth and carpal tunnel syndrome.

    Over the course of helping 10,000 people, our workers’ compensation lawyers have learned how to document all kinds of work injuries for a successful workers’ comp claim.

    No matter what type of injury you have, we can provide an initial consultation on your case for free.

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    How Do I Know if My Injury Qualifies for Workers’ Comp?

    To qualify for workers’ comp benefits in Louisiana, you have to meet these basic requirements:

    • You’re an employee in Louisiana.
    • Your injury happened during work.
    • You developed an occupational disease resulting from conditions at work.

    Most jobs in Louisiana are covered by workers’ comp benefits because state law requires most employers to have workers’ comp insurance.

    Sometimes employers or insurance companies may argue that you’re not an employee covered by workers’ comp, but an independent contractor. Therefore you can’t get benefits.

    But you shouldn’t just accept that answer. Check with a workers’ comp lawyer.

    Occupational diseases are another tricky area. These illnesses develop over time through repetitive motion or long-term exposure to a toxic environment. You can’t tie them to one specific accident or incident.

    Examples include asbestosis from exposure to asbestos or carpel tunnel syndrome from repetitive strain on your hands and arms.

    Employers and insurance companies may say you can’t prove your ailment happened because of work.

    So you’ll need to provide evidence, including medical evidence, supporting your claim.

    A workers’ comp attorney can organize your evidence for you and help you apply for benefits or fight a benefits denial.

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    How to Get the Right Medical Treatment for Your Workers’ Comp Injury

    While workers’ comp benefits can be a financial lifesaver after an injury on the job, workers’ comp insurance companies often stand in your way when you need help the most.

    For them this isn’t a benefit; it’s an expense.

    That’s why you need to be careful in choosing the doctor you see for your injury:

    • Reports from your doctor are crucial to your workers’ comp claim.
    • Your company will try to send you to its doctor, but that doctor might not put your needs first.
    • You have the right to choose your own doctor, someone who looks out for you.
    • The insurance company might send a nurse to watch your doctor appointment. Don’t allow that without talking to a lawyer.
    • The insurance company will want you to give a statement about your injury right away. Again, check with a lawyer.
    • Even if you fail a drug test, you can still dispute the results and get benefits.

    As soon as you can after you’re hurt at work, talk to a workers’ compensation attorney.

    The early decisions you make can make a big difference in what you get later. It’s like making the right moves early in a game of chess.

    At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, we know how the game works.

    Don’t go up against this complicated system alone. Instead, get us to back you up.

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