Start Your Workers’ Comp Claim Right. Avoid Problems Later.

    When you’re hurt on the job in Louisiana, you’re entitled to compensation for medical care and lost wages under state workers’ compensation benefits.

    This support can make a major difference to your personal financial security.

    But it has a cost for employers and the workers’ comp insurance companies they pay, so sometimes claims examiners try to give you less than you should receive.

    That’s why the first moves you make after being hurt at work can influence the results you get from workers’ comp.

    As soon as you can, have a workers’ compensation lawyer look at your situation. The lawyer will know how to get your claim started right and what pitfalls to avoid.

    The workers’ compensation attorneys at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, have years of experience handling thousands of workers’ comp claims. Keep reading for more on how you should file your workers’ comp claim.

    And in Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe, or anywhere else in Louisiana, after you’re hurt at work, talk to us.

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    How to Start Your Workers’ Comp Claim in Louisiana

    These should be your first moves after an accident at work:

    • Get Medical Treatment. Your immediate health needs are the top priority. Worry about your workers’ comp claim next.
    • Report Your Injury. Tell your employer about your injury. It is supposed to start your workers’ comp claim.
    • Don’t Agree to a Recorded Statement. Your employer will try to catch you on tape saying something that hurts your case for benefits. Now, you need a lawyer.
    • Talk to a Lawyer. When you have a workers’ compensation lawyer looking out for you, it becomes much harder for insurance companies to get away with undermining your case.
    • Don’t Let a Nurse Case Manager Watch Your Medical Treatment. Yes, the insurance companies try to do this to gather evidence to hurt your case. Your lawyer can stop it from happening.
    • Choose Your Own Doctor for Ongoing Care. Insurance companies and employers want you to see their doctor. Don’t. A lawyer can make sure you get a doctor who looks out for you.
    • Request a Copy of Your Injury Report. Your employer should have this. If not, your lawyer can make sure you get it.
    • Confirm That Your Claim Is Filed. Sometimes, employers delay filing claims. Your lawyer can help you stay on top of them.

    Some people might try to handle their workers’ comp claim on their own. It’s not a good idea because any mistake you make or anything you miss can hurt you in getting the maximum benefits in the end.

    But a lawyer knows what to do.

    To get started, talk to a Workers’ Compensation, LLC, lawyer for a free initial consultation on your claim.

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    What Workers’ Comp Pays You

    Here’s another reason to work with a lawyer and put special care into making sure your claim is done right: you have a lot at stake.

    Workers’ comp benefits provide much valuable support when a job injury damages your ability to earn an income.

    Under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act, you are entitled to receive:

    You should begin receiving your benefits quickly. Medical care should start immediately. Lost wages payments are supposed to start once you’ve been two weeks off the job.

    In reality, it can take longer. Insurance companies delay while they study your case.

    Get a workers’ compensation lawyer working for you.

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