Do You Need Help After an Injury in Your Job?

    You worked hard to support yourself and your family. Then, one day, everything changed. You got hurt. Maybe now you can’t work.

    This is why we have workers’ compensation benefits.

    These benefits replace some of your lost wages, and they provide the medical treatment you need to recover from your injury and move on.

    Receiving benefits can restore your sense of normalcy.

    But many Louisiana workers don’t know everything that’s available to them. And workers’ comp insurance companies might try to get away with giving you less than what you’re entitled to receive.

    First off, you might wonder: Is my job covered by workers’ comp?

    If you’re an employee in Louisiana, chances are it is.

    Workers in just about every type of job you can think of can get workers’ comp benefits. And the workers’ compensation lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can help make sure you get what’s owed to you.

    In Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—anywhere in Louisiana—if you’re hurt at work, talk to us.

    Workers’ Comp Is What We Do.

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    Types of Louisiana Workers We Help

    These are just a few of the types of workers we’ve been able to help across Louisiana:

    • Big box store employees
    • Construction workers
    • Delivery drivers
    • Electricians
    • Health care workers
    • Industrial plant workers
    • Janitors and maintenance
    • Oil refinery workers
    • Scaffold builders
    • Security guards
    • Shipbuilding workers
    • Teachers
    • Warehouse workers
    • Welders

    Workers’ comp in our state is provided for by the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Some kinds of workers have protection under federal laws too.

    For example, if you’re an offshore or maritime worker, you may have special longshore worker protection.

    Because we focus on Louisiana, and on workers’ comp cases, our workers’ compensation attorneys understand the risks in Louisiana jobs, and the support you should be able to receive when you’re hurt.

    No matter what type of job you have, we can provide an initial consultation on your case for free.

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    Where in Louisiana Can You Get Help with Your Workers’ Comp Benefits?

    You can live anywhere in Louisiana—and your job can be located anywhere in the state—and you can get help with your workers’ comp benefits from the lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC.

    • Alexandria: Many of our clients here are manufacturing plant employees, nurses, nurse assistants or mill workers.
    • Baton Rouge: Factory and plant workers, nurses and other health care workers are among the people we help in the Baton Rouge area.
    • Houma-Thibodaux: Offshore oil workers, shipping workers, construction workers, health care workers, retail employees and more come to us in the Houma area.
    • Lafayette: This is also where offshore workers, energy employees, factory workers, shipping employees, health care workers and others come to us for help.
    • Lake Charles: Oil, chemical, shipping, hospital and any other type of worker in the Lake Charles area can work with Workers’ Compensation, LLC, after a job injury.
    • Monroe: Factory, shipping, retail store, hospital workers and anyone else hurt on the job in Monroe can get our help claiming valuable benefits.
    • New Orleans area: We help factory workers, oil and gas workers, chemical plant workers, port workers, commercial fishermen, medical center staff members, shipbuilders, advanced manufacturing workers, aerospace employees, retail employees, and restaurant, hotel, and all kinds of hospitality and tourism employees in New Orleans, Metairie and the surrounding parishes.
    • Shreveport: Energy workers, plant workers, port employees, hotel and restaurant workers, and hospital and medical clinic workers can also bring their workers’ comp claims to us in Shreveport.

    In every city, town and parish in Louisiana, injuries on the job are covered by Louisiana workers’ comp law.

    Workers’ Compensation, LLC, is a law firm focused on this state’s workers’ comp law—and supporting this state’s workers.

    No matter where or how your injury happened, don’t hesitate to claim your benefits—benefits that can help you reclaim a normal life after you’re hurt at work.

    Talk to a Lawyer

    What To Do First after You’re Hurt on the Job

    Any accident that happens on the job qualifies for workers’ comp in Louisiana. All kinds of injuries also qualify.

    It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have. It doesn’t matter how the accident happened. It doesn’t matter whether anybody was at fault. It only matters that it happened while you were working.

    Take these steps after you’re hurt at work:

    • Report your injury to your employer.
    • Get a copy of your accident report.
    • Confirm that your employer actually started your claim.
    • See a doctor of your choosing.
    • Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer.

    Workers’ comp has its own separate legal system for deciding who gets benefits. It’s not like a car accident case. That’s why you want a lawyer with experience in workers’ comp.

    And you want to get a lawyer as soon as you can.

    The moves you make early in the process affect your ability to get the maximum benefits later. It’s like the early moves in a game of chess.

    Workers’ comp insurance companies might try to send you to a doctor they want. They might push you to make a statement about your accident before you’re ready. They could have a nurse watch your doctor appointment looking for reasons to deny coverage. They could reject your claim based on unreliable drug test results.

    But you can prevent them from damaging your case for benefits.

    When you have a lawyer by your side, it’s easier to stand up to insurance companies, get the financial assistance you need, and make your way to a better life.

    Tell us about your case.


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    Hear from Workers’ Compensation, LLC, Clients

    Transcript -

    David: I was in the military eight years. I suffered from PTSD and OCD. My time in the military, I think made it worse due to the stress. My parents had been helping me out, and they suggested that I try to get my Social Security or Disability. And so I did that and they sent me to Charity Hospital, and that’s where I saw somebody there, and they sent me to another place in Marrero where I live. And that’s where I was diagnosed. I’d been on a SSI, disability. From 2003 to 2013, 10 years. And then I got an inheritance and I was told by the Social Security office that once my inheritance was spent, that I would automatically get the disability back. It didn’t work that way. I had to reapply. I was denied. And then that’s when I contacted Workman’s Comp.

    The way I heard of Workman’s Comp was I looked in the phone book for a lawyer nearby in Gretna, Louisiana. And I called the lawyer and I said I was looking for someone that did SSI Disability. And the lawyer, he just gave me a phone number and I called that number and it turned out to be Workman’s Comp. It was Monica, Monica Ferrero at Workman’s Comp. My neighbor at the time he Googled. We didn’t know Workman’s Comp. We knew Monica Ferraro for the name that she gave me over the phone. And he Googled Monica Ferraro and her credentials. She was educated at the best schools in Italy. She met the Pope when she was a child. Ms. Ferraro went to the court and met me at the courthouse. And we talked before we went in to the see the judge. And we went in, we went in and see the judge. There was an expert witness there. She ruled in my favor three times. And at the time I thought it was over, I thought I lost. I misunderstood. And on the way coming out of the courtroom, Ms. Ferrero is going like this, smiling and going like this in front of the judge.

    And I told her, ma’am I said, if it don’t work out, I thank you for your help. And she said, no, you won. But it’s going to take a little while to get your money.

    If you’re injured on the job or need help with Workman’s Comp for Social Security call Workman’s Comp LLC. You’ll be glad you did.

    Transcript -

    Ernest Mitchell: I was an 18-Wheeler driver. I handle a lot of hazmat, hazard material, stuff like that, you know. Basically my job was driving, roughly about 500, maybe 300 miles a night. And this particular night I took a run to Jackson. I got ready to disassemble the trailers and the dolly, which is the center piece between the two trailers, we call it the dolly. I got ready to move that, position it. And the brakes locked up on me. Finding the brakes locking up on, it throwed me. You know the dolly weighs about like 4,000, maybe 5,000 pounds, you know. But it’s very easily removed if it’s maneuvered right.

    This particular case, the dolly locked up on me and I slipped. And when I slipped, I tried to avoid the dolly, you know, to keep it from falling on me. I hit the back of the trailer and my spine.

    First day I ignored it, but I decided to go to the doctor the next day. And the doctor took an X-ray and said, your lumbar, it’s out of alignment along with your spine is swollen.

    My company sent me to their doctor. Their doctor sent me to another doctor and another doctor and another doctor.

    I decided I better get an attorney involved with this because I feel as though I was being, you know, shoved around. I’ve been there for 31 years, roughly 32 years. It took roughly about six months for me to get together with Workman’s Comp, LLC. Suzette Murphy, which happened to be my attorney. I felt really comfortable around her staff. When I talked to Suzette it was my mind talking to me, “do it this way and this was going to happen.” That’s how I feel.

    Like I say, without Suzette Murphy being involved, I think I would have been really up in bad shape. You know, if you’re injured on the job, I advise you to call Workers’ Comp, LLC, immediately.

    Transcript -

    Staci Hughes: I was a social worker and I was in the public school system. One day I was at work and a 17-year-old student gotten upset at me and threw a football at me, hitting me right here, causing a traumatic brain injury. So after I got hit with the football, I went to the ER that night or that day. They did I think a CT scan, and they didn’t find anything on the scan. And then I went home a couple of hours later, I had what they think could have been a seizure. So I went back to the ER, and they dismissed me again. Some of the symptoms that I still have from my traumatic brain injury are memory loss, slurring of speech, ongoing pain in my neck. From what I can remember, the school system is still denying responsibility for my claim.

    So we paid everything out of pocket because they denied all of our claims. They wouldn’t reimburse us for anything. A friend of ours who is an attorney, had referred us to, or suggested that we talk to Tim Benedetto at Workers’ Comp, LLC. Tim is very knowledgeable about workman’s comp law. He knows it in and out. He is very caring. He takes the time to make you feel comfortable and you can keep asking questions, and he’ll just keep making you feel as comfortable as you need with the right answers. And he does what he says he’s going to do. Every time we were in the courtroom, he was sharp. He knew the law, he knew the right questions to ask the judge. I would refer anyone who is in need of an attorney that is injured at their work to Workers’ Comp LLC.

    Transcript -

    Oscar Godoy: I’m an -wheeler truck driver. I’ve been driving a truck from 1992. My job is pickup and delivery, products like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel sometimes. What happened was I went to deliver the diesel to this gas station, and the numbers we have don’t match? So that was too much product, that don’t fit in a storage tank. So what I do, my hose is filled with diesel. We’re talking about 20 feet long, six-inch hose full of diesel. And then you had to cap, put caps on each side and then move the hoses from the ground to your truck storage. I was carrying this hose over my head, trying to push inside my loading rack, and I fell. The heavy hose coming to me. So I bend over to push it harder, and that’s when I fell my. My back.

    I called my company and I spoke with my dispatch and I told her I don’t feel good. So they told me I still had two more loads to do, but I went home, and I went to ER. After three year with this lawyer, communication was bad. They cut my payments, workers’ comp payment. So I call my lawyer several times. They never answer. They never had an answer for me. That’s when I decide to call a Workers’ Comp lawyer. I spoke with Daren Sarphie, and he’s the one who’s getting my case. And I’m glad for him. If anybody needs a lawyer and be heard, call Workers’ Comp, LLC, and they can help.

    Transcript -

    Derrick Day: My full-time career is industrial painter in the Gulf of Mexico. It happened to be slow that year and I went to work as a carpenter’s helper. I was working on a job and we needed to do some waterproofing, so we were going to do it with some roll roofing. And I went to pick it up and carry it up a ladder, and it was just too heavy for me. I felt a sharp twinge in my back. And I continued to work the rest of the day thinking I just pulled a muscle or something. But come the next morning, it was impossible to get up to go to work. And I called my employer and told him what had happened. And I need a file a claim to see a doctor. And he told me that I couldn’t because I worked under a 1099.

    So that’s when I called Daren’s office. I learned about him from my younger brother. My younger brother used him several years before and Daren told me what to do. He typed the company’s name in his computer. He said, “Oh yeah, they’re insured on Home Builders Association, so I want you to go to the hospital to get your records. Go see my chiropractor and bring it all to me.”

    When I got to Daren’s office, you know, the appointment he had been had been set and I was immediately ushered into his office. His staff was great. Daren’s assistant Maria, she was very helpful in answering all my questions very quickly. And if she couldn’t answer the phone at the time, she would return my phone call that day.

    After three years, you know, Daren was able to have workman’s compensation pay my benefits for those three years. They paid all my medical bills, paid for my surgery, paid for my physical rehabilitation. And after tad over three years, I’m back to work now.

    You know, over the past three years, Daren and his staff and everybody at Workers’ Comp, LLC, has become more of a family to me than just an attorney. I would highly recommend Worker’s Comp, LLC. Daren Sarphie and Workers’ Comp, LLC, handled every aspect of my case. I never had to step foot in a courtroom. If you’re injured on a job, I would recommend you document everything and contact Workers’ Comp, LLC, immediately.

    Transcript -

    Leroy: I was working at the Williams Geismar plant in Baton Rouge, and I’m a pipe fitter. At the time of the explosion, I was in the scaffold when it blew up. And I just happen to you know, I thank God, I was able to survive that. That’s when I tried to get some help from the employer, I mean, it was like hard. He didn’t want to compensate me for my injury. I contacted the firm. And without Mr. Corey, I wouldn’t have made it. I mean, it would be a struggle. It’s hard without an attorney on your side.

    Transcript -

    Mike: At the time of my injury, I was on board a ship in the Mississippi river at anchorage. I wound hurting my back lifting a heavy gang box. I’ve worked for 27 years and I never for a moment thought that I would ever be out of work. I thought I was just going to work forever until I retired.

    The only reason I made a decision to call an attorney was because I felt like I was being pushed by the worker’s comp company to just hurry up and end in the case, get rid of me and shove me back to work. I always felt like Workers’ Comp, LLC, had my back. Whenever there was a problem, I wasn’t just out there by myself. They were going to take care of it for me.

    You won’t be disappointed in the results. They will not push you around any longer.

    Transcript -

    Raymond: I was working for a military contractor, security contractor overseas and was sprayed down with a pesticide. When you go to an attorney and tell them you worked overseas and a top secret operation, so I was kind of limited to what I could tell him. Everybody seemed baffled by that.

    And then I finally met an attorney that recommended Mr. Unger. The fact that another attorney would recommend Mr. Unger, it pretty much told me that he was probably the best at what he does. And if you’re injured on a job, I recommend that you document everything that happened.

    Call Workmans’ Comp, LLC. You won’t be disappointed.

    Transcript -

    Stephen: Well I started about, cumulatively, about 45 years ago. I was going to read a meter and my ankle kind of twisted a little bit and my back gave out.

    Well I wanted to go back to work, but my back wasn’t letting me go back. I needed rehabilitation, whatever it took to get my back onto par, you know, and I was getting harassed in the office. The lead was trying to get me in the trucks so that, “Hey look, he can drive a truck, he can go read meters.” And you know, I wasn’t going to do that.

    So I called Corey Fitzpatrick and he got right on the case. He said, “We’re going to get you immediately the help that you need.” When you’re injured at work, your company does not have your best interests at mind. They’re trying to save money in any way possible. They’re not going to send you to a doctor if they don’t have to.

    That’s why you need to call Workmans’ Comp, LLC. They’re professionals. That’s all they do is workman’s comp. If you’re injured at work, call Workmans’ Comp, LLC, today, and you’ll be glad you did.

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