Louisiana Workers’ Comp for Back and Spine Injuries

    You’re hard at work and then it happens—crunch. Something is wrong. Your back is hurt.

    You’re on your way to see a doctor. You can’t go back to work.

    This moment can change everything, leaving you dealing with pain, loss of mobility and your paychecks stopping.

    It’s not your fault. When it happens at work, there is help to deal with the situation: workers’ compensation benefits.

    Back or spine injuries workers’ comp can be the key to reclaiming your life after a back injury at work.

    Benefits pay for your medical treatment. And you could get pay for lost wages.

    But workers’ comp insurance companies and employers don’t always cooperate. A workers’ comp attorney can step in to make them honor the protections you have under Louisiana workers’ compensation law.

    No matter where you are in Louisiana—Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—the workers’ comp lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can help.

    Our workers’ comp law firm has helped over 10,000 people in Louisiana secure over $300 million in settlements. If you got a back injury on the job, and it’s disrupting your life, get in touch with us.

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    What Counts as a Claim for Back and Spine Injuries Workers’ Comp?

    Across the United States in 2020, people had 128,220 back injuries at work that required missed days, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. About 3,000 of them involved spinal cord injuries.

    Back injuries can happen from a direct trauma, as in a sudden accident on a job site, or they can result from repetitive motion and pressure.

    Really, any kind of back injury can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

    The key is that it’s an injury at work. All of these injuries, and more, are covered:

    • Broken bones
    • Herniated discs
    • Paralysis
    • Partial loss of movement
    • Pinched nerves
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Spinal stenosis (pinching of the spine from wear over time)
    • Sprains
    • Strains
    • Tears in discs (annular tears)

    For every situation, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you find the right options for you, whether it’s ongoing benefits for a broken back, a spinal stenosis workers’ comp settlement or understanding what average settlement for spinal fusion surgery workers’ comp you could expect.

    Start by telling us about your case, at no charge to you.

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    What You Need to Make a Back and Spine Injuries Workers’ Comp Claim

    Every back and spine injuries workers’ comp claim—and every workers’ comp claim period—requires you to show that your injury happened on the job.

    And to get the right medical treatment under workers’ comp, and to show that your injury is severe enough that you’ll miss work and qualify for earnings support, you’ll need to submit documentation like this:

    • Your accident report, showing when your employer learned about your injury
    • A report from a doctor confirming that your back injury happened at work
    • Medical records showing what treatment you’ve underdone, such as physical therapy
    • A list of prescriptions you take for your back injury
    • Statements from co-workers who witnessed the accident that caused your injury

    You need to know this: You don’t have to go to the doctor that your company picks.

    That doctor’s focus may not be about helping you above all else. Instead, they may be looking out for the insurance companies and employers.

    You can and should choose your own doctor, someone who will look after your needs first.

    Your workers’ comp lawyer can make sure the system doesn’t push you around.

    Back and spine injuries are common, serious and life-changing.

    You deserve to get serious and life-changing support.

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