What Should I Do First after I Am Hurt At Work?

    Medical and financial benefits are available to make your life more comfortable and financially secure after you are hurt at work.

    But to get workers’ compensation benefits, you have to follow several important steps.

    Here’s how to apply for workers’ comp in Louisiana:

    • Report Your Injury. Let your employer know what happened. You typically have 30 days to report your injury, but in certain circumstances you could still report your injury after that.
    • Get a Copy of Your Accident Report. Information on this report, such as the date your employer was informed about your injury, will be important to your claim.
    • Confirm that Your Claim Is Filed. Sometimes, just telling your employer isn’t enough. You have to stay on top of your employer to be sure your workers’ comp claim has officially begun.
    • See a Doctor. But don’t accept the doctor your employer recommends. You have the right to choose your doctor. You need someone who will look out for your best interests, not your employer’s financial interests.
    • Talk to a Lawyer. A workers’ compensation lawyer can make sure your workers’ comp claim is filed correctly and that you get medical care that truly helps you heal, both physically and economically.

    Insurance companies will try to get you to make a statement about your injury. That could hurt you. Don’t make a statement; call a lawyer first.

    The workers’ compensation lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, have years of experience handling thousands of workers’ comp claims.

    In Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—anywhere in Louisiana—after you’re hurt at work, talk to us.

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    Workers' Compensation, LLC, helps people like Oscar Godoy gather the documents they need to file a successful workers' comp claim.

    What Do I Need to Apply for Workers’ Compensation in Louisiana?

    Workers’ comp is like a game in which the early moves you make can change the outcome in the end. That’s another reason to talk to a lawyer.

    Many people try to file for workers’ comp on their own, but getting a lawyer early helps you avoid problems that could cost you later.
    You could need all of this and more for a successful workers’ comp claim:

    • Medical evidence describing your injury
    • Documentation of what happened when your injury occurred
    • Records of conditions in your job
    • Numerous legal documents for sharing information between you and the workers’ comp insurance company
    • Arrangements for a workers’ comp trial before a judge or a mediation session
    • Testimony from doctors and other health care workers about your injury

    When you’re trying to recover from an injury on the job, filing for workers’ comp in Louisiana can seem like a whole other job.

    But you can get a break from all the legwork so you can focus on your own well-being.

    To get started, talk to a Workers’ Compensation, LLC, lawyer for a free initial consultation on your claim.

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    What Should I Get with Workers’ Comp Benefits in Louisiana?

    Under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act, when you’re an employee hurt at work in our state, you are entitled to these benefits:

    You should begin receiving your benefits quickly. Medical care should start immediately. Lost wages payments shouldn’t take longer than two weeks.

    That is part of the deal that workers’ compensation strikes between workers and employers: you get fast help when you’re injured on the job. In exchange, your employer doesn’t get sued.

    Employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. It gets complicated when the insurance company and employer try to save money.

    They might grant some but not all of your benefits.

    They might be late in sending your weekly payments.

    They might try to rush you back to work and stop your benefits before you’re ready.

    A workers’ compensation lawyer can handle all of these situations and more.

    Get someone to work for you.


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