Do You Still Need to Get Paid, Even If You Can’t Work?

    Your income doesn’t have to stop completely if you’re hurt on the job and your injury leaves you unable to work.

    Under workers’ compensation in Louisiana, you’re entitled to payment for lost wages.

    Also called “indemnity benefits,” this is one of the major forms of workers’ comp available to you.

    When you get these payments, instead of worrying about money and bills, you can focus on rest and recovery.

    You just have to make sure you get all of the lost wages you’re entitled to receive. That’s where your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company could give you problems.

    A workers’ compensation lawyer can make those problems disappear.

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    How Much Do You Get with Lost Wages in Louisiana?

    Lost wages benefits come in the form of weekly checks. This is what workers’ comp indemnity benefits pay in Louisiana:

    • Two-thirds of your average weekly income before the injury
    • Up to a maximum amount set by the state
    • Maximum changes over time, set at $705 a week in 2020-2021

    Lost wages also fall into different categories, depending on the severity of your workplace injury and how long you might take to recover:

    Most lost wages benefits last for 10 years. The length of time that you get PPD, however, depends on the nature of your injury. PPD pays you for injuries that result in serious scarring, disfigurement, or loss of a limb.

    PTD, meanwhile, has no end date.

    You want to make sure your workplace injury gets categorized correctly and you get paid accordingly. A workers’ compensation attorney from Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can make sure your claim is handled right.
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    Problems to Avoid with Indemnity Benefits

    Getting paid for a portion of the income you’re missing after an accident on the job seems simple enough.

    But the main goal of workers’ compensation insurance companies is to make money, not pay you more.

    They often use tactics to shortchange you, such as:

    • Failing to start your claim promptly
    • Sending your payments late
    • Sending you less than you’re entitled to receive
    • Cutting off your payments prematurely

    Workers’ compensation is an entire legal system all its own. Certain kinds of lawyers focus on working with this system.

    Your workers’ compensation lawyer can help you understand what you should be getting—and make sure you’re getting it.

    Lost wages checks should start by two weeks after you start your workers’ comp claim.

    Other benefits you should receive include coverage for your medical treatment. And you should get supplemental pay when you have to return to work at lower pay because of limitations from your injury.

    You worked hard. When you’re hurt, you should get support.

    Let us fight for your financial security.

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