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    If you can’t work because of serious health problems, you could qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to help you support yourself.

    If you were injured in your work, you could receive workers’ compensation benefits to pay for your medical treatment and lost wages.

    Both kinds of benefits are lifesavers when your life is turned upside down by injuries and medical conditions.

    But can you get both at the same time?

    The answer is yes.

    One doesn’t rule out the other. But you need to carefully coordinate how you file for both programs so you get the maximum benefits.

    At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, Workers’ Comp Is What We Do. And we can help you with SSD too.

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    How to Coordinate Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability Benefits

    Sometimes, workers tell us that they heard advice not to apply for Social Security Disability benefits while receiving workers’ comp.

    That’s not always good advice.

    Your course of action depends on your individual situation.

    Consider these factors:

    • Social Security Disability benefits are about your health preventing you from working because of any health condition, not just work injuries.
    • Workers’ comp provides financial assistance only for injuries on the job.
    • You can face long waits for your SSD benefits to be approved.
    • Workers’ comp generally starts paying benefits faster.
    • Social Security lasts as long as you still have a qualifying disability until you reach retirement age.
    • Workers’ comp can be capped at 10 years in Louisiana.
    • Sometimes, Social Security will reduce its payments to offset what you get from workers’ comp.
    • Workers’ comp gives you full benefits regardless of what you receive from Social Security.

    If you’re receiving workers’ comp, a lawyer from Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can help you determine the right time to file for SSD.

    Because we are workers’ compensation lawyers and Social Security Disability lawyers, we know how to make the two programs work together for maximum benefit to you.

    You can start by getting us to provide a free initial consultation on your case.

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    “You Can Also Receive Social Security Disability Benefits.”

    Transcript -

    Daren Sarphie: If you’ve been receive workers’ compensation benefits, you can also receive Social Security Disability benefits. However, the amount of Social Security that you end up receiving could be reduced, if not eliminated entirely, or offset by the amount of workers’ compensation disability benefits that you receive.

    When an individual is receiving workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability benefits, and they want to settle their claim, the insurance company has to take certain steps to protect Medicare’s interest. They have to obtain what’s called a “Medicare Set-Aside” set account, and that’s basically future medical cost projection on what those workers’ compensation disability benefits will be. The idea is you can’t settle your workers’ compensation claim and then shift your medical responsibility over to Medicare.

    Our law firm, in addition to representing injured workers for workers’ compensation or longshore benefits, also helps individuals obtain their Social Security Disability benefits. We’re also skilled in representing individuals who try to settle a workers’ compensation claim when you have to coordinate those two types of benefits.

    What You Get with Social Security Disability Benefits

    Workers’ comp provides medical care for your workplace injury, pays two-thirds of your lost wages, and covers other expenses related to your treatment and recovery.

    Workers’ comp is governed by the state, in our case, the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act.

    An exception to that is injured worker protection for people who work on or around water, which is provided under federal laws, such as the Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and the Jones Act.

    Social Security Disability, on the other hand, is a type of insurance managed directly by the federal government’s Social Security Administration (SSA).

    This is what you get with Social Security Disability benefits:

    • Monthly checks to help with your basic expenses
    • The ability to qualify for health care coverage, such as Medicare and/or Medicaid

    To get Social Security Disability benefits, you must be unable to work, in any job, for at least a year.

    And you have to prove it using medical evidence, work history information, or more.

    If you need help with either your workers’ comp claim or Social Security Disability claim, the lawyers from Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can help you with both.

    We want to help you reach better times.

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