What You Should Get If You Can’t Go Back to Work

    One of the main forms of support you can get after an injury on the job is payment for wages you’re missing when you can’t go back to work.

    Under Louisiana workers’ compensation law, these are called lost wages benefits or indemnity benefits.

    These benefits are extremely valuable because they keep you on steady financial ground after the rude interruption of a workplace accident or injury. When you’re getting payment for lost wages, you can see more easily how you’ll move beyond the trauma.

    It’s only natural to ask, how much can I get?

    This is the basic answer:

    • Lost wages pay two-thirds of your pay before your injury
    • Up to maximum workers’ compensation rates set by the state.

    Most people get the two-thirds.

    The payments go into effect 14 days after you were first unable to work. But the timing of benefits is usually more complicated than that.

    Employers and workers’ comp insurance companies can try to deny, delay, or reduce your payments.

    A workers’ compensation lawyer, such as those at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can back you up on your claim so you get everything you are entitled to receive.

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    What about Getting a One-Time Settlement Check from Workers’ Comp Claim?

    When the time is right, you could end your lost wages payments by getting a lump sum settlement for the remaining cost of your injury.

    It sounds great, and it might be right for you. But you have to make this decision carefully.

    Once you settle for a single, larger amount, you won’t be able to get anything else from workers’ compensation for your injury, including having workers’ comp pay for your medical treatment.

    Your individual case will determine how much you get.

    Here are factors to consider:

    • Settlements are not required nor guaranteed.
    • You shouldn’t accept the first amount an insurance company offers.
    • Settlements usually happen once you’ve received most of the medical care you’ll need because of your injury.
    • A settlement isn’t designed to provide lifelong financial security.
    • Settlements are final.
    • The settlement decision centers on your readiness to move on from your workers’ comp benefits.

    While you should keep your settlement expectations realistic, you also should know that you often can negotiate for much more than an insurance lets on.

    This is why you want a workers’ compensation attorney. Your lawyer will know how to reach a number that’s fair to you.

    The lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can provide a free initial consultation on your situation.

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    What Other Benefits Come with Workers’ Comp?

    In addition to checks for lost wages, you can get more valuable financial support from workers’ comp:

    Transportation reimbursement can mean more than mileage checks. The workers’ comp insurance company may be required to directly arrange transportation for you.

    And your payments from workers’ comp can continue even after you return to work with Supplemental Earnings Benefits (SEB). You qualify for SEB if you can work but your injury leaves you unable to earn as much as before.

    If work restrictions from your doctor prevent you from earning at least 90% of your pre-accident wages, you could receive two-thirds of the difference between your old pay and your current earnings for up to 520 weeks.

    To make sure you’re getting all the payment and benefits you’re entitled to receive under workers’ compensation, get a workers’ comp lawyer on your claim.

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