Could You Use Some Help after Being Hurt at Work?

    You have financial protection if you were hurt at work in Louisiana.

    But many Louisiana workers don’t realize everything they’re entitled to receive.

    The Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act created a system of benefits that lets you maintain your independence when an injury on the job derails your ability to make a living.

    These are the major types of workers’ comp benefits:

    In workers’ compensation law, it doesn’t matter whether anyone was at fault, or even if you caused your own accident. It only matters that you were hurt in the course of performing your job.

    You can claim benefits, which in turn saves your employer from dealing with lawsuits.

    One problem though: workers’ compensation insurance companies like to save money on claims, so they might give you trouble when you try to claim what’s yours.

    The Workers’ Compensation, LLC, law firm was founded to fight back on behalf of workers like you. Our workers’ compensation lawyers have helped more than 10,000 people in Louisiana get fair payment for workplace injuries.

    In Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—anywhere in Louisiana—after you’re hurt at work, let us help you claim the maximum benefits.

    Workers’ Comp Is What We Do.

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    Why It Can Be a Fight to Get All of Your Workers’ Comp Benefits

    Louisiana workers’ comp can be tricky because the insurance company might withhold benefits from you without telling you what you’re being denied.

    Sometimes, insurance companies deny your claim outright. Other times, they just don’t give you as much as they should and hope you won’t complain.

    These are some of the ways you can get shortchanged on workers’ comp in Louisiana:

    • Your weekly checks for lost wages are too low.
    • Your checks arrive too late.
    • You don’t get approved for all the medical treatment you need.
    • Your prescriptions aren’t covered.
    • You don’t get reimbursement for covered expenses, such as travel to and from medical appointments.

    But, if you don’t know everything you’re supposed to get, it’s hard to pursue fair compensation.

    The lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, can evaluate your situation to see whether the workers’ comp system is shortchanging you.

    It’s a complicated system. Getting someone to back you up can make a big difference in your financial future—and restoring your sense of peace after a job injury disrupts your life.

    You can start protecting your future by letting us provide a free initial consultation on your claim.

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    Types of Workers’ Comp Payments You Can Receive

    The portion of your benefits that cover some of the wages you miss as a result of getting hurt at work comes in several forms.

    You get weekly checks that pay two-thirds of your previous income, up to a limit set by the state.

    Depending on your injury, you could receive:

    Sometimes, you can settle your claim and receive a lump sum payment that takes into account the long-term impact of your injury.

    But talk to a lawyer first to help you determine the value of your claim. Insurance companies want you to settle for less.

    The lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, work with this system every day and know what you should get so you can move forward with your life.

    Let’s talk.

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