After a Work Injury, Is Returning to Work with Less Pay Good Enough?

    It’s a great day when you’ve recovered from an injury on the job to the point that you can return to work.

    If you’re still dealing with effects of your injury, however, you may earn less than you did before.

    You shouldn’t just get docked because you were hurt at work. You should get support—and better economic security.

    There is a form of workers’ compensation that helps: Supplemental Earnings Benefits (SEB).

    These benefits compensate you for lost earning power, making up some of the difference between your previous and current pay.

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    How Supplemental Earnings Benefits Work in Louisiana Workers’ Compensation

    Here are the steps to getting Supplemental Earnings Benefits (SEB) in Louisiana:

    1. Your doctor releases you to work again but with restrictions.
    2. The work restrictions prevent you from earning at least 90% of the wages you made before your injury.
    3. Your SEB payments are calculated as two-thirds of the difference between what you made before and what you make now.
    4. You receive your payments monthly (instead of weekly, like other workers’ comp benefits).
    5. Your benefits can last up to 10 years (minus any time you were off work and receiving workers’ comp disability benefits).

    If your doctor releases you to work with restrictions but no jobs are available, you could get SEB payments that equal your current workers’ comp payment.

    In Louisiana, we’re fortunate that workers can get SEB payments. It’s not available in some states where your benefits end if you’re able to work, even if your job pays less and you can’t get another job.

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    Other Direct Payments You Can Get under Workers’ Comp

    During any period that your workplace injury takes you off the job completely, in addition to getting your medical care covered, you can get payments for two-thirds of your previous earnings.

    These lost wages benefits are also called indemnity benefits:

    Sometimes, employers offer a different job when you return to work. People unhappy with the reassignment might quit. But, to get SEB payments, you have to accept any suitable job offer.

    If your employer doesn’t have a job to offer, it may refer you to a vocational counselor to help place you in new work. But this option is full of pitfalls.

    You need to guard against your employer and its workers’ comp insurance company trying to push you off of benefits.

    A Workers’ Compensation, LLC, attorney can help you navigate your options and protect your rights.

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