Do You Want Another Chance at Financial Support?

    When a workers’ compensation insurance company denies your claim, you can often push back and get the payment and medical care you need for a more secure life after an injury on the job.

    But workers’ compensation denials come in many forms. It helps to have someone who knows the system looking out for you to get the maximum benefits you’re owed.

    Someone like the workers’ compensation lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC.

    These are some of the ways that workers’ comp insurance can deny you in Louisiana:

    • Total denial of your claim
    • Paying you less than you should receive
    • Failing to pay you on time
    • Declining to cover some or all of your medical treatment
    • Rejecting payment for your prescriptions
    • Declining to cover some or all of your eligible expenses

    If you were hurt at work but you’re not getting everything you should from your workers’ comp claim, you have options for pursuing maximum compensation.

    Workers’ Compensation, LLC, has years of experience handling thousands of workers’ comp claims.

    In Metairie, New Orleans, Hammond, the Northshore, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Alexandria, Shreveport, Monroe—anywhere in Louisiana—after you’re hurt at work, talk to us.

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    Workers' Compensation, LLC, helps people like Ryan Hofmann file for workers' comp and appeal denials.

    Reasons You Might Get a Workers’ Compensation Denial

    Insurance companies use several tactics to deny or reduce the benefits people get from workers’ compensation.

    Any of these situations can lead to a workers’ compensation denial:

    • If your employer disputes that your injury occurred at work
    • If your employer has witnesses who question how your accident happened
    • If your injury, such as straining a body part, isn’t easy for others to see
    • If your employer thinks your injury was a preexisting condition
    • If you refuse or fail a drug test
    • If your employer thinks you’re lying about your injury
    • If the insurance company attempts to award you partial benefits

    We’ve seen all of these situations at our workers’ compensation law firm. And we know how to address each one.

    Even if your benefits were denied because you failed a drug test, you can dispute the validity of the test. Don’t give up just because of a drug test.

    We have years of experience pushing back on behalf of hardworking Louisianians.

    To start your workers’ compensation appeal, talk to a Workers’ Compensation, LLC, lawyer for a free initial consultation on your claim.

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    Moves You Can Make to Fight a Workers’ Compensation Benefits Denial

    When the workers’ comp system is working against you, don’t give up.

    Many Louisiana workers don’t understand their rights under workers’ comp and don’t know everything they’re supposed to be getting.

    Instead of accepting that you can’t get anything more, you should know that these steps can make a difference:

    • Make sure your employer actually started your claim with the workers’ comp insurance company.
    • Negotiate with the insurance company over the benefits you should be getting.
    • Argue that your drug test results weren’t timely, relevant or accurate.
    • Take your claim to a hearing with a workers’ compensation judge in workers’ comp court.
    • Take your claim to the court system outside of workers’ comp.

    Workers’ comp hearings are like trials, which include gathering evidence, getting additional opinions from doctors, filing documents, making arguments and questioning witnesses.

    It’s an entirely separate legal system created under the Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Act.

    You want a lawyer with extensive experience in this system.

    At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, this is our focus, so we know what kinds of information to show the workers’ comp judges.

    And Louisiana workers’ comp judges know us and our professional reputation.

    When you’re trying to win benefits, having an established workers’ comp lawyer benefits you.

    Let us help you move forward with your life after an injury on the job and a denial of workers’ comp.


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