Do You Need Help After a Work-Stopping Shoulder Injury?

    In a lot of jobs, if you can’t use your shoulder, you can’t work at all.

    A shoulder injury from an accident at work should give you access to workers’ compensation benefits that make your life easier.

    Under workers’ comp in Louisiana, you could receive:

    • Pay for lost wages due to your injury
    • Medical treatment for your injury at no cost to you

    But you may face resistance from your employer or their workers’ compensation insurance company. They may try to lowball your benefits, or they may dispute your eligibility and deny your benefits entirely.

    A dedicated Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer can help you get past this.

    Workers’ Compensation, LLC, has helped thousands of Louisiana workers secure millions in benefits.

    The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics says over 60,000 workers in recent years had shoulder injuries that caused them to miss work days. If you were one, get in touch with us about a shoulder injury workers’ comp case.

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    Types of Shoulder Injuries that Can Qualify You for Louisiana Workers’ Comp

    A report from the National Institutes of Health said you may be vulnerable to shoulder problems when your job requires heavy lifting, reaching overhead to work with your hands, and pushing or pulling heavy weights.

    Shoulder injuries on job sites can result from falls, getting hit with heavy objects or other traumas. You may also have a shoulder injury workers’ comp claim if you have pre-existing shoulder pain, and an incident at work makes it worse.

    Job-related shoulder injuries commonly involve pain, tingling sensations, numbness, stiffness and loss of range of movement.

    These are some common conditions that could be the basis for your shoulder injury workers’ compensation case in Louisiana:

    • Bursitis
    • “Frozen shoulder” (a pain and stiffness condition called adhesive capsulitis)
    • Joint dislocation
    • Nerve damage
    • Rotator cuff tear
    • Shoulder impingement syndrome
    • Shoulder joint tears
    • Strains
    • Tendonitis

    Doctors typically treat shoulder injuries with oral anti-inflammatory drugs, injections of anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and sometimes surgery—such as arthroscopic surgery where a surgeon inserts a tiny camera inside the shoulder joint to do repairs.

    Sometimes an employer may dispute whether a shoulder injury really happened at work and is covered by workers’ comp. But you shouldn’t have to just suffer through the pain and loss of work time and income.

    Talk to experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyers to see if you may be able to get workers’ comp benefits—or greater benefits than you’re receiving now. That initial conversation is free of charges or obligations.

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    What Kinds of Jobs Are Covered for Shoulder Injury Workers’ Comp Benefits in Louisiana?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the highest rates of shoulder and arm injuries that caused missed work time in recent years have happened in these industries:

    • Transportation and shipping
    • Service industry including retail and tourism
    • Production of goods (manufacturing) or energy
    • Maintenance and repair
    • Construction
    • Fishing and agriculture
    • Health care

    All of these types of workers are well represented in Louisiana. And almost every kind of worker, whether in these industries or any other, is covered by workers’ comp.

    If you’re an employee in Louisiana and you suffer a shoulder injury at work, you are likely covered.

    The only real qualification for benefits is that your injury happened on the job.

    Claiming workers’ comp doesn’t require assigning blame for why you were injured. It doesn’t mean you’re suing your employer.

    It only means you’re activating a form of assistance that you are entitled to when you’re hurt at work. It’s assistance that you earned the right to receive because you worked.

    And it’s assistance that provides greater financial security when your livelihood is interrupted by injury.

    Employers and workers’ compensation insurance companies may try to save money by making the process hard for you. Get your own workers’ comp attorney to stand up for your rights.

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