How to Protect Your Rights after You’re Hurt at Work

    You work near the water, around ports and shipping. One day, you get hurt on the job.

    Your injury turns your life upside down. But help is available in the form of benefits under the federal Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

    Workers’ compensation pays for medical treatment you need and income you’re missing. Longshore protections are greater than most workers’ comp benefits created by individual states. These benefits put your life back on solid ground.

    But when do you need a lawyer to get benefits?

    At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, our attorneys have helped thousands of people win benefits over many years. Our clients often get the best results when they talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer as soon as possible. But first get the initial medical treatment you need and then call a lawyer.

    Employers and insurance companies may resist paying you all of the benefits you’re entitled to receive, but having an attorney makes it easier to stand up for your rights.

    And under longshore & harbor workers’ compensation, you pay no fee for a lawyer because employers or their insurance companies cover your legal costs.

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    Does My Case Call for a Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

    When you’re hurt while working in or around a navigable waterway, dock, port, or harbor, you could qualify for longshore and harbor workers’ compensation benefits. This includes jobs like these:

    • Longshore workers
    • Shipbuilders
    • Shipbreakers
    • Ship maintenance and repair
    • Harbor construction
    • Offshore platform workers

    Being hurt in one of these jobs is your first sign that you may want to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer.

    Longshore & harbor workers’ compensation provides valuable benefits, including paying two-thirds of your wages from before your injury took you off the job and covering your medical bills.

    You’re not required to get a lawyer to file for benefits. But the benefits can secure your financial future, so you don’t want to take any chances getting your claim right and fully paid.

    Plus, there’s no risk in working with a lawyer because in most cases you don’t pay the lawyer costs.

    A first step is getting an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer to review your situation to let you know your options. At Workers’ Compensation, LLC, we do that at no charge to you.

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    Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    In theory, the insurance company will accept your injury at face value and give you the financial assistance you need.

    Claims adjusters may seem friendly and helpful.

    The problem is that they work for the insurance company first, not you.

    If you have a lawyer, you can prevail over problems like these:

    • The insurance company doesn’t want you to see your own doctor.
    • The insurance company tries to get a statement from you that hurts your claim.
    • The insurance company calculates your lost wages payments too low.
    • The insurance company delays your payments.
    • The insurance company cuts off your benefits prematurely.
    • The insurance company denies your claim outright.

    Your lawyer can make sure your claim is managed properly, including filing a written report of your injury with your employer, getting medical care from doctors who put your needs first, and dealing with claims examiners.

    If you’re denied benefits, your lawyer also knows how to successfully enforce your entitlement to benefits during an informal conference with the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP) and/or during a formal hearing before the Office of Administrative Law Judges (OALJ).

    Get support from the lawyers at Workers’ Compensation, LLC, after a job injury derails your working life. You can rest easier knowing that you and your family’s needs will be covered.

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